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Step One Discover

Start Up

This is the Idealization stage. Start up with a great idea, but making an idea into reality is very rare. Some time great ideas not able to launch on ground due to lack of right strategy & communications.

We help you in shaping up your idea, create brand identity, set up a business plan and mission statement. Set goals for your development over the coming years.


Step Two


This is the time for ‘Go to the Market’. Where you move from a concept & your research into practice. It is the most crucial phase of your business. It is like, if you put good quality seeds than there is a chance of good crops.

We can support you in developing right process, create proper marketing strategy, and refine your strategy & tactics through out the process.


Step Three

Scale up

Once the seeding done in 1st one to two years of business & the business process are in place, than the next stage is scale up & the time to acquire bigger customer base. It is the time to optimize your marketing strategies to increase your conversion rates.

We help you in creating strong offline & online presence, make strategy for enhancing customer experience & guide you to keep the business agile as you grow. Our 3X business scale up model will boost your business & help you in grow faster.


Step Four


As an established enterprise we need to be alert all the time, understand the competition, adopt new technology & most importantly to improve customers retention & loyalty . In this phase of your business, your stake holders & employees are equally important as customers.

We support you in refining marketing strategies, reinforcing your strengths, engaging ideas for all your stake holders.


Step Five


It is the time to understanding the change in customers expectations, technology upgradation, product life cycle analysis for further nurturing. You need to understand there is no short cut for any sustainable business model.

The business should cross through the business phases fully. The right sense will create right opportunity & we will be guiding you to set up right basics & marketing strategies to build the brand over a period of time.

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